Since 1998


MediaForce Creative Group was founded by Chad Campbell as OneMan Media in 1998.  In the earlry years, we created computer based training courses for companies such as Alcon Laboratories, EDS, Ericsson and Michaels Stores.  Our unique ability to produce high quality 3D graphics and animation in the mid 90's, gave us a big advantage in the training field.   As our animation portfolio began to grow, we began creating animated opens for numerous videos.  In 2001, we started producing our own videos, serving the sports community, through a company we founded called KidSport Video.  We also began producing marketing videos for companies such as SourceCorp, May Advertising, and Pik Pak.  In 2003, both CBS 11 and Fox 4, received a MediaForce demo DVD.  We where contacted by both stations, and our TV advertising career began.  MediaForce quickly became both stations main vendor in just 4 months.  Since 2003 we have produced over 5,000 TV commercials, infomercials and TV shows, as well as training and marketing films.  We approach each project as a new challenge to create something unique, beautiful and effective.  After 20 years, we still LOVE what we do!

MediaForce Early Animation Archive

Enjoy a compilation of early animation created before the turn of the century.